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Carolina Gold Brand Sweet Potatoes

Mar 7, 2013 in Brands

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.13.12 PMVick Family Farms is a quality driven family operated business. Their Carolina Gold Brand and the Pure Gold Brand is known to be some of the best. Produce Brands had the opportunity to visit their facility not too long ago and what a pleasure it was to see the care they put into their operation. This family is focused and doesn’t cut any corners on providing “Carolina Gold”.  Here’s a introduction to Vick Farms from North Carolina:

Vick Family Farms is a family owned and managed farm operation. It began operation in 1975 by the original owners Jerome and Diane Vick, with a total of 25 acres and no money. We currently have 5000 acres of cropland under management due to a combination of hard work, dedication and ambition by all family members. Jerome and Diane both oversee day to day operations on the farm. Diane  manages all the labor, which during the peak season employs 250 workers.

As our farm grew so did the Vick family. Our daughter Charlotte has four children Hannah, Grayson, Eli and Zeke. Charlotte is the Office Manager and stays on top of all FSA rules and regulations. She was named “National Outstanding Young Farmer” in 2008.

Son Linwood and wife Tammy have two children Emma and Wood. He manages all the cropland, plans and prepares the land for planting and follows the crop all the way to harvest. He was named “Outstanding Young Farmer for the State of NC” in 2004.

We grow a variety of crops including Tobacco, Cotton and Sweet Potatoes that are cured and stored in a state of the art “controlled atmosphere” storage facility. We have storage capacity of 500,000 bushels in which we can offer you The Best Quality Sweet Potatoes on a year round basis. Here at Vick Family Farms we have control of quality from our seed stock all the way to the box. Our brand names are Carolina Gold and Pure Gold. Every member of the Vick family is dedicated to their business and their customers. Our promise is to deliver the best possible Quality, Safest, Most Dependable product at a fair price.

Our Mission Statement:” We promise to deliver the highest quality product at a fair price with a commitment to Integrity at all times.”

You also can view a video that is educational not only about their farm but also sweet potatoes in general. Enjoy.

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