GMO Chipotle Lawsuit – How far do we go?

On August 28, 2015 Colleen Gallagher filed a fraud suit against Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc in the California Northern District Court. Case#3:2015cv03952

ChipotleThe theme of her case is that Chipotle in their marketing campaign had promised their customers that the food they serve is non-GMO and did not deliver on that vow. (What is GMO? See Here)

So what makes this case of suggested fraud an interesting topic around the dinner table?  Glad you asked.

Chipotle has promised and no one is challenging that the produce they use in making their food is all GMO free. Where the challenge comes in is that the lawsuit states that since the meat and dairy they serve comes from cattle that was fed GMO feed that these products then become GMO products. (This reminds me of the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon)

Chipotle’s GMO Information

So, what are your thoughts on this? First do you care if you eat GMO or non-GMO foods? Interesting fact on this is that 88% of all corn and 93% of all soy grown in the USA is GMO product. These make their way in to a huge assortment of the processed foods that we all secretly love. Does that idea make you sick or don’t care?

Second question I’d really love to know is, Do you believe that meat or dairy produce from cattle that has been fed GMO products is then inherently GMO as well?  What is the public opinion on this? Science will figure something out and then they may change their theory again in a few years like they do regarding if eggs are good or bad for you but what is the Public opinion?

Overtime I believe what we’ll see is the promises being withdrawn as suppliers get fearful. What if rain water runs across a field that’s GMO product and goes into a field that is NON-GMO, is that product now adulterated? Again, the science is the science but public opinion around the water cooler in the end is what affects how things are handled.

I would like encourage all of us to do our research. It’s so easy to Google and find out the facts on anything we want to know. Lets do our part to be informed. I recently talked to a person who told me that they would never eat yellow potatoes because they don’t like GMO products.  What?!  Misinformation like this can stand in the way of us eating fresh produce which hands down we all know is healthier for us than the alternatives.

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