Grilling Sweet Potatoes

Grilling Sweet Potatoes – Easiest way to cook small Sweet Potatoes

Grilling Sweet Potatoes

Have you ever wondered what to do with those small sweet potatoes they sell at the store?

Every time we see those bags we wonder who on earth will take the time to peel, cut and cook those small things?! Well let us be the first to say that they are actually EASIER and  take LESS TIME then their larger siblings! Here’s what we did and even a quick video showing the results!

Carolina Gold Brand, Sweet PotatoesRecently we got our hands on some bags of Carolina Gold brand sweet potatoes from Vick Family Farms in North Carolina. Honestly we were simply looking to do something with them since we didn’t feel like putting the time into peeling them. So we decided why not try grilling sweet potatoes instead of our traditional way.


We fired up our trusty Weber Grill to do some burgers and veggies and that’s when the idea struck! We took one of the bags of small sweet potatoes and dumped them out into a stainless steel tray we had. You could do the same in aluminum foil if that’s all you have.

We then put the tray on the upper shelf of the grill and let it ride. I would say from warming up to shutting the grill off was about 20 minutes. When we were done those small little morsels feel right out of their skins and were so naturally sugary and delicious we didn’t even add butter! WOW!

sweet potatoes, grilledIn the end this method was simpler, quicker and naturally tastier than the normal peeling, cutting and cooking method we have used forever! It has changed our view forever! I’m sure you could do the same in an oven or microwave to get a similar result. We loved this method because it  took no prep time and the grill was going to be on regardless.

Give it a try. You will not be disappointed. If you’d like some nutritional info GO HERE.

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