American homes go hungry by the millions


American homes go hungry

It’s hard to imagine but the truth is in the numbers.  American homes go hungry on a regular basis in millions!

In an age when we are concerned with domestic childhood obesity and sending our US dollars overseas for starving nations, how can it be that 1.4 out of 10 homes in the USA do not have enough food each and every day? How can American homes really be going hungry?

The September 2015 report summary from the Economic Research Service has reported that 14% of U.S. households are what they call “food insecure”.  This is a total of 17,400,000 homes in our great land. To break it down further, 3,700,000 of those households have children. Those are stunning numbers. Even more stunning when you see the graph and the noticeable increase from 2007-2008.  USDA Hungry Homes

So what can we do about this?

The first thing we can do is to be aware. Having an awareness that 1.4 of the homes on your block will not have enough food this year is eye opening.  If you take a look at this RESOURCE you can see the report and some of the higher risk demographics. These will be helpful as you choose to make a difference and help others.

Another action you can take is to support produce farms that are choosing to fight hunger by buying their fruits and vegetables. You see in the world of produce not all farms and products are equal. Most of us think they are and when we are in the isles of the grocery store we pay little attention to the brand or who grew it. One of the intentions here at ProduceBrands is to help you know the difference.

A perfect example is Titan Farms from South Carolina who recently donated 34,000 pounds

Titan Farms Logo of fresh peaches to food banks in North Carolina in conjunction with Harris Teeter stores. Donations like these are powerful and help provide a food supply to households that truly do not have the resources right in our neighborhoods.

We at ProduceBrands thank the companies like these that go above and beyond in fighting domestic hunger. We hope that consumers in the stores will take note and follow and purchase the brands that choose to stand out and do their part.

Wouldn’t YOU like to be part in seeing this face a reality?!

Child with Strawberries


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