Lenz Family Farms: Home of Colorado Gourmet Potatoes

Where people are important  One of the first things you notice about Lenz Family Farms is their lack of a fancy logo or glossy corporate brochures. They aren’t dressed in suits and ties sipping coffee from their Keurig while someone else manages the farm. They are hands on.

With a farm that produces the equivalent of 4,800,000 bags of 5lb yellow potatoes from August to February you’d expect to catch a glimpse of some feet on the the desk type management. Instead you are constantly aware of their mantra “Where people are important” and every email received is signed “God Bless”.

Crop Circles from Google

Crop Circles from Google

Located in Holyoke, CO amidst the crop circles (not the alien kind) they farm over 6,000 acres of crops with one of them being potatoes. The circles are from the watering necessary to farm in this region which center around a water well. Many of the circles are over 6 football fields in diameter.

The Lenz Farm consists of 8 partners with 6 of them sharing the Lenz name.  One quick visit to their WEBSITE and you be greeted by this introduction of themselves.

Lenz Farms is a three generation Family Farm located in Northeast Colorado.  Our operations are based in production agriculture; founded on integrity built with work ethic, and in constant pursuit of quality.  “Where People are Important” is more than a slogan, it is our way of doing business.  Our reputation is grounded in our faith in God, as we build a legacy of dependability.”

Lenz Family Farms Partners

Lenz Family Farms Partners

Lenz Family Farms yellow potatoes can be found in their Colorado Gourmet Brand cartons or poly bags. Many of their potatoes are sent to other packing houses to be packed in other brands used around the country.

They are committed to an intense food safety program so you can rest easy while enjoying these delicious potatoes.




Colorado Gourmet Brand  Colorado Gourmet Potatoes 5lb


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