Local New York Apples Interactive Map

Local New York Apples New York is one of the largest apple producing states touting close to 700 growers and over 10,000,000 trees. With the recent surge for buying local produce we figured y’all may be looking for some resources on where to find local New York apples.

Luckily the New York Apple Association offers some fantastic resources for anyone to find what they are looking for.

One of the great tools they offer is an interactive map. This map can be used to find local New York apple locations for fresh apples, you pick farms, fresh cider, etc.  Your search can be narrowed by distance from your location and the item you’re looking for. You can click the map to take you directly there.

Local New York Apples Map

Local New York Apple Varieties

While the map is our favorite resource they also offer a variety page that showcases 41 varieties that are grown in local New York. They give a very helpful description of when they are available and what to use them for.  I wish I had this last year when my wife sent me for apples to make apple sauce. (fyi..red delicious from Washington state is not a good choice. oops)

Anyways, click the apple to go to their variety page.

Apple Image from NYAA ** Important information **

Now to understand how apples and the local grown idea work together please keep reading.

For most the idea behind buying local grown produce is to get produce that has been grown by a local farm thereby eating it at its freshest.

Currently the apples from New York are in full harvest from August thru October and so will be fresh and ready.

What you do need to know is that while some apples are being sold fresh after picking, many are being put in to large storages. These storage facilities are state of the art temperature and humidity controlled buildings made to store millions of pounds of apples for long periods of times. That’s how you can eat a local New York apple in January when you know no one is picking trees.

Now what this means is that after the fresh pick local season, they will come from storages the same as they will from Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. This means the buying local for freshness will lose its importance. Of course if you are a resident of New York you’re still supporting your local grower. 🙂


*logo and apple image from NYAA

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