Honeydew Melons Comparison

The Honeydew Melons Comparison Is this video episode we take a look at differing types of Honeydew melons. Most melon eaters are use to the traditional style of light greenish color melon. But what about the Gold honeydew that we […]

Honeydew melons

The Butterkin Squash

What is the Butterkin Squash? It’s not often that you get to talk about a produce item that is basically new to the market but today…WE GET TOO!  The Butterkin squash has not been in existence for a long time […]

The Papaya

What is a Papaya?   The Papaya tree bears many spherical or large pear-shaped fruits clumped near the top of the tree. The fruit an edible papaya comes in a  variety of sizes ranging from as small as 6 inches in […]

The Avocado

The Avocado: The Avocado is a green colored fruit with an edible flesh wrapped in a thick skin and surrounding a gold ball size pit or seed. These tasty fruits are grown on Avocado trees.   Avocado growing regions: The Avocado […]

Store Brands on Fresh Produce, OK?

Which is better, private store brands on fresh produce or farm brands ? **  Be advised: There will be a request for your opinion  🙂  ** Over the years you may have observed a transition at your local grocer. Or it […]