Cranberry Recipe for Disaster

Cranberry Recipe….for Disaster! As with any recipe you have several ingredients that get added together to produce an outcome. Well this recipe certainly in no exclusion. Sadly it’s not going to result in some delicious bread, muffins for relish. Cranberry Recipe […]

Local New York Apples Interactive Map

New York is one of the largest apple producing states touting close to 700 growers and over 10,000,000 trees. With the recent surge for buying local produce we figured y’all may be looking for some resources on where to find […]

Green Bay Packers Grilling Contest

  Green Bay Packers Grilling Contest:  Who loves a great contest for free stuff?!  If that’s you then you’re in luck. Thanks to some sponsorship by Alsum Farms & Produce in Wisconsin, you are now able to show off your […]

Vidalia Onions about to start season

Vidalia Onions about to start season The Vidalia onion season is about to begin! As such the question of when can you get them becomes a pressing question. Well the answer you’ll read in the paper or hear from those […]

What is GMO and breaking news

For those who eat produce (uhm..everyone) and those who have been hearing the headlines regarding GMO’s (uhh..also everyone) we thought you’d want some basic information on what is a GMO and how is the FDA involved in keeping our food […]

** Recall** Big Red Tomato Brand

A Voluntary RECALL has been issued by Big Red Tomato. This is in a strange way good news. You say WHAT?!  Yes, it’s good news. It’s good news because Big Red Tomato prides themselves on having good food safety programs […]