Driscoll Sweepstakes!!

Who doesn’t love a great sweepstakes for possible fresh berries for a year!!  Follow the link fellow ProduceBrander’s. http://www.driscolls.com/3pm-snack-sweeps

Farmers Markets Map across America

Farmers Markets Map across America Here is a great resource put together by the USDA. A Farmers Markets Map showing all the locations across the USA. Great tool for those who like the open air, I feel like it was […]

Strawberries – Where in the US are they grown?

YUmmmmmm….Strawberries!!  Here’s our latest installment of where are they grown. We have found it very interesting to see where produce items come from in comparison to what popular belief is.  Here again is another interesting map when you keep in […]

Peaches – Where in the U.S. are they grown?

Where are peaches grown? Who doesn’t love those tasty peaches when in season? Whether your eating them whole or you prefer the “fuzz” to be taken off, they’re delicious!  So where are peaches grown? If Produce Brands were to guess […]

Corn Farms – Where around the U.S.?

Corn Farms – Where around the U.S.? Here’s the next installment of knowing where your produce comes from. When you look at this chart you’ll need to keep in mind that this is of all corn destined for your table, […]

Citrus – Where are they grown in the US?

So if anyone besides Produce Brands has seen the movie “Trading Places” then you know how important the citrus crop report is. 🙂  Judging by this map of places citrus is grown in the US you can see that if […]

Pineapple Fried Rice Recipe

Since the subject of delicious pineapple has come up today here’s a recipe, other than cake, that I think needs to be made asap!  This recipe and photos are by Taylor Hengen Newman and were found on Parenting.com.   Pineapple […]

Blueberry Orange Bread Recipe

Since we took a look today at where in the US Blueberries are grown why not celebrate this new knowledge and bake something yummy!  Here’s a recipe for Blueberry Orange Bread. Who doesn’t love a slice of fresh bread?! Blueberry […]