The Kiwifruit- facts, nutrition & how to prepare

What is the Kiwi?

The kiwi is the shortened term used for kiwifruit or the Chinese gooseberry. It is the edible berry that grows on a vine and usually ranges in the 2-3″ inch size. It has a fuzzy outer skin that surrounds a green flesh that has rows of small black seeds. The skins, flesh and seeds are all edible but most choose not to eat the skins due to its stiff fuzzy texture. Kiwi vine

Growing locations & seasons:

The majority of kiwi are grown in United States, Chile, New Zealand and Italy. In the USA they are mainly grown in California. California and Italy normally yield fruit in our winter months and Chile and New Zealand are normally available during our summer month for a year around supply.

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When buying kiwi they are sold individually with a PLU# 4030 for the most part. Occasionally you can find the golden variety which is sold under the PLU# 3279. The Kiwi should be firm to the touch but not hard.

Ripe & Easy Brand Kiwi Kiwi Star Brand Kiwi

Nutrition and benefits:

The Kiwi is very nutritious and has many benefits. It is know to be:Kiwi Nutritional Info
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in fiber
  • Good source for Vitamin E
  • Good for lowering blood pressure
  • excellent source of antioxidants
  • may help with restful sleep

The kiwi, while being healthy and having many benefits, has also been known to cause allergic reactions often in younger children.

Here is a great calculator for figuring out the nutritional value by weight if you are using it as an ingredient.

How to eat:

When choosing how to eat the kiwi there are a few ways to eat it. Some like to eat it like an apple with the skin on and simply eating the entire thing. This is not common due to the skin texture but is ok to do. Most will skin or cut it it to slice and eat. We’ve provided a quick video that shows the fastest way to get the green tasty flesh out of the skin. Take a look.

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